Meta Wizards NFT

Meta Wizards NFT

Meta Wizards is a competitive play to earn video game based on blockchain technology. Race your Wizard against 8 others in the Secret Cove and place bets on which Wizard will come in first place

This race will be no ordinary race. Instead, it will become a brutal battlefield, a fight for the ancient book of spells

About the MetaWizards

Meta Wizards is a competitive play to earn video game based on blockchain technology. Owning a Meta Wizards provides you access to a fully functional in-game Wizard NFT; each containing very special abilities and attributes that allow you to race and battle against other opponents in hopes to gain more $MW coins. Race your Wizard against 8 others in the Secret Cove and place bets on which Wizard will come in first place! Earn betting, racing, and winning! First, second, and third place winners will all receive $MW which is the utility token within the Meta Wizards ecosystem and can be used to upgrade your Wizard for a higher probability of winning.

The 5 DNA Types

  • Halfbloods

    Human Wizards

  • Warlocks

    Evil Wizards

  • Sorcerers

    Wise Old Wizards

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Robot / Android Wizards

  • Witches

    Female Wizards

Play the Demo

Get a taste of our game and play the demo now.


  • Chapter 1

    The official launch of Meta Wizard’s discord server and sneak peaks of our primary collection is available to the public. It’s time to join the kingdom of Photon, the most enchanted discord server of them all.

  • Chapter 2

    WL competitions and major giveaways begin to take place as the Meta Wizards range over Photon in search of the Secret Book of Spells.

  • Chapter 3

    Meta Wizards official gameplay demo goes live on our website.

  • Chapter 4

    Official Pre-Sale Minting for Meta Wizards becomes available for whitelisted members.

  • Chapter 5

    Public minting goes live for Meta Wizards. The legendary races of Photon are among us.

  • Chapter 6

    Alpha testing for Meta Wizards video game begins, $MW release.

  • Chapter 7

    All Meta Wizards come together for the very first in person meeting to celebrate the Meta Wizards Video Game Beta testing in Los Angeles, California.

  • Chapter 8

    Meta Wizards acquire land in the metaverse via Sandbox and begin the development of Photon and The Enchanted Castle where only the most elite of Wizards reside in celebration of the Meta Wizards Official Video Game launch.

  • Chapter 9

    As the Wizards of Photon race and battle against each other, they realize that it’s going to take a lot more if they would truly like to obtain the forbidden book of secret spells. Something must be done… Guild, $MW staking goes live.

  • Chapter 10

    Meta Wizards racing tournaments, season pass release, gameplay streaming.

  • Chapter 11

    As the Meta Wizards of Photon race against each other to gain more $MW, ancient spells and other resources in the form of NFTs are airdropped from the sky into their wallets… What will this be? Will they provide some sort of advantage over the others? There is only one way to find out.


  • Playable NFT

    Utilize your Meta Wizard NFT as a fully functional in game asset that you will be able to use and race against others in Photon for the forbidden book of spells.

  • 3D Files

    Own your Meta Wizard’s FBX files, so you could also use it to animate content and showcase it in the metaverse + the physical world!

  • Play To Earn

    Compete against others and earn $MW (Meta Wizard Coin) in our P2E video game available exclusively on

  • Mint Pass

    Receive a free mint pass for all upcoming drops within the Meta Wizard ecosystem by owning a Meta Wizard.

  • Exclusive Experiences

    Get exclusive access to private events in person and in the metaverse. Connect with others and celebrate events such as the official launch of the Meta Wizards video game.

  • Community

    Be a part of the community that creates everlasting magic with Wizards all over the world.

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white dressrobe10.01%
cake staffstaff10.01%
ivory staffstaff10.01%
white dragonbackground element10.01%
long straight hairhair10.01%
long bangs hairhair10.01%
planet earthgradient10.01%
black wizard hathat10.01%
aoki beardwizard beard10.01%
pristine chainrobe100.10%
elve hathat410.41%
light greengradient480.48%
saturated pinkgradient490.49%

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  • Meta Wizards is a competitive play to earn video game based on blockchain technology. Race your Wizard against 8 others in the Secret Cove and place bets on which Wizard will come in first place

  • The Meta Wizards team is an elite collective of different kinds of people from a variety of industries that have come together to create an impact for the greater good of the NFT community.

  • Our official release date for Presale is Sunday 10th April 2022 6PM PST and Public sale is Monday 11th April 2022 6PM PST. Be sure to stay up to date with our announcements via Discord.

  • Enchanted Labs is a team of top tier artists, entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts, video game developers, and marketing experts who have all come together to create everlasting magic in the Web3 blockchain and video game development space.

  • DogCeo is a collective of Four Childhood Friends who shared a passion for digital art. Through their experience within Skateboarding, Music, and Video games, they have developed a distinct aesthetic that markets identify with. Since their start in 2019, the team has partnered with companies such as Faze Clan, Sony Music, the Berrics, and much more. Flourishing within the NFT community, DOGCEO is creating pieces with Alex Grey and OG Slick to name a few notable collaborators

  • We have not released any information on it as of yet! Stay Tuned

  • You will be able to play the official Meta Wizards demo within a week of our official mint date.